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CoreHealth's self-paced, digital behavior change programs engage participants in workplace wellness programs and inspire new, healthy behaviors. Participants:

  • Set goals
  • Engage in weekly activities, tailored to their needs
  • Educate themselves through print and video-based content
  • Track progress and earn points to get them to the next level

These programs are ready-for-you to incorporate into your wellness strategy.


Explore ways to manage focus to boost productivity (and well-being!). This self-paced program helps you focus on what matters most using basic mindfulness practices.

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A strong social network can dramatically boost your health. This self-paced program helps you take simple steps to engage with others and strengthen relationships.


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Wellbeing requires care for body, mind and spirit. Explore each pillar of overall health and see how you can maintain a calm energy and manage stress throughout your day.

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Take simple, do-able steps to boost nutrition and learn about healthy foods and vibrant living. This self-paced program educates and inspires to help you be accountable.

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Giddy Up

Learn how to start and maintain a physical activity routine. Start at your current level and build up to where you want to be by setting goals and progressing through three levels.

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Head On

Explore effective ways to help your or a loved one cope with anxiety or depression. Set individualized goals and learn ways to improve mental health and feel better.


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Save Up

Learn (or review!) the basics of personal finance and reduce stress by working towards financial control. Evaluate your current finances, set goals and follow easy activities.

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The Last Puff

Get the tools you need to take the first steps to quitting tobacco. This self-paced program breaks tobacco cessation into manageable steps. Let's quit tobacco, together.


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