For organizations looking for a structured ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to workplace wellness, CoreHealth offers Wellbeing123, a 3-stage process that guides participants through an interactive wellness program while earning points as they complete an action. This is a great option for organizations with limited time and/or resources but want to support employees with their health and wellness journey.




Getting to know us

An introductory video of what to expect

Tell Us About Yourself

A short personality quiz where the participant provides information about themselves. Participant responses will influence the types of health and wellness content that will be shared with them.

Learn About Yourself

Participants book a biometrics screening appointment (which they can add to their calendar) to get the process started.




Biometrics Measured

Participants enter and track progress on key biometrics with the ability to view and update weight, waist size, Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP) and Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP) at any time.

What’s Important to You?

Participants complete a short survey about how they feel about their current weight, diet, physical activity, stress levels, smoking status and then prioritizes health goals (e.g. be more active, achieve healthier weight etc.).

The Future You

Users describe their ‘ideal’ self in one year




Pick Your Next Big Thing

Participants pick their interests and what they want to tackle on their health journey with activities (e.g. stretching videos) while earning points.


See What’s Coming Up

Participants see what’s happening next in their program based on their choices.



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